Sexual Reproductive Health training for the youth

Sexual Reproductive Health training for the youth

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust held a training session in Caledonia which sought to train the youth on being peer counselors on Sexual Reproductive Health issues. The training session held at Mushawedu Community Hall was in conjunction with Mashambanzou Care Trust and Disability HIV and AIDS Trust.

The initiative was meant to train youth with disabilities and non disabled out of school champions on how to offer Sexual Reproductive Health Information , education and support to their peers.Teenagers were equipped with information on how to handle challenges that arise from adolescence and were also educated on the importance of inclusivity of persons with disabilities on developmental platforms.

The youth further gave personal experiences on the challenges they faced during adolescence adding that there are not enough platforms for them to express themselves and were proffered with life skills in order to curb sexual related challenges.Disabled teenagers also highlighted that families needed to play a huge supportive role in order to remove barriers that impede their development.

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