Sign Language Programme

Deaf Education Programme prepares students to meet the linguistic, cultural, social and cognitive needs of the deaf or hard of hearing. 

The Deaf community

Our program is based on current research that is focused on improving academic outcomes for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is open to all ages or and is flexible to meet the individual needs of our scholars. We currently offer three different options for graduate students who want to further their education in working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Available Courses

We are still growing and have a limited number of courses on offer.

Basic Sign Language Certificate

6 week program

This course offers anyone  a chance to be able to work with the deaf, be it parents or family members to a deaf someone or anyone with the passion to learn.

Advanced Sign Language

daily practice

This course is there to make those with a basic training reach their goal to fully communicate and memorize the diction of those deaf and hard of hearing.

Word Creation In Sign Language

bi-weekly practice

This one is the part many people find difficult and we are here to support your every learning need. Our team is always ready to make sure very much ready for the game