The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 4

The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 3

The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 3

The Education Amendment Bill: Inclusion of Frontline Implementers. By Tsitsi Mupoperi

It is commendable that the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Education is working to ensure that the Education Act is aligned to the progressive Constitution of Zimbabwe. It goes without saying though, how critical it is for teachers to not only be on board with the Education Act, but to also be meaningfully involved and provided for within the education system to comprehensively perform their jobs and effectively educate all learners.

Currently, teachers are graduating without knowledge on how to teach and handle learners with disabilities. For the few teachers who have received the training, they often find themselves working in ill-equipped resource centres and overally unfavourable environments and are generally overwhelmed.

Most educators have lost their passion and drive for teaching unfortunately affecting the quality of learners being produced. The Education Act is presently silent on teacher welfare and a unique opportunity presents itself in the Education Amendment Bill for these and other concerns to be addressed to allow teachers to be a powerful driving force for the implementation of the Act thereby improving the quality of education in our schools and the learning outcomes of learners.

Parliament is holding nation-wide public hearings on the Education Amendment Act throughout the month of April and into May. The aim of which is to allow the ordinary citizen to contribute to the process of aligning the Education Act to the Constitution. Let us go in our numbers, participate and be heard.

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Other topics covered in this bulletin are:

  • Public Consultations by Zimbabwe Parliament