The Deaf Bulletin 2018 Issue 5

The Deaf Bulletin 2018 Issue 5

The Deaf Bulletin 2018 Issue 5

Ready to vote. By Lucia Masauso

Now that we are nearing the 30 July Harmonised elections I feel very nervous about voting for the first time. I have asked my friends who are also going to vote for the first time how they feel. They have admitted they are also nervous and not sure how they feel about the whole voting process. Yes we have been given voter education but we still feel that it was not enough and we still have a lot of questions to ask.

One of my friends admitted that he has a lot of questions as to how we are going to be treated at the polling station. Will there be interpreters there? Will we stand in the queue with the rest of the people?

Some of us feel we have been left behind when it comes to information on all the candidates. I can personally say that I know not more than five candidates of the twenty-three candidates who are competing for the presidency. Lack of Sign Language interpretation at rallies held by political parties has hindered some of us Deaf people from participating in campaigns. We only learn about the candidates in our area through fliers distributed door to door and the posters on the walls at the local beer halls, schools and clinics but not all candidates have their information distributed in writing.

By casting my vote, I hope to choose a leader who understands, respects and meets the needs of people with disabilities; a leader who upholds the rights of the people and follows the constitution. I am confident and believe my vote will be counted among the rest and that it will make a difference.

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Facts about the 2018 Harmonised Elections

  • Voting will be conducted on Monday the 30th of July 2018 from 7am to 7pm.
  • You can only vote at the polling station where you are registered.
  • You will need your national ID or valid passport to vote.
  • If you need assistance to vote, you are allowed to bring a trusted friend to help you.
  • Your vote is your secret.

Other topics covered in this bulletin are:

  • First Time voters who are Deaf.
  • What to expect at the polling station on election day.By Barbra Nyangairi.