The Deaf Bulletin 2016 Issue 8

The Deaf Bulletin 2016 Issue 8

The Deaf Bulletin 2016 Issue 8

Beyond Deafness: Kuda Mapeture By Paidamoyo Chimhini

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust joins the global Deaf community in commemorating the International Week of the Deaf running from the 19th to the 25th of September under the theme “With Sign Language, I am equal”. The theme draws attention to Sign Language as a vehicle through which the Deaf can fully participate as citizens equal to all.

This year’s commemoration comes at a time when Sign Language is increasingly taking centre stage in Deaf issues globally. Most notable is the move by the Deaf community in South Africa to take to the streets in peaceful protest to have Sign Language recognised as one of South Africa’s official languages. Deaf Zimbabwe Trust encourages the government of Zimbabwe to enact a Sign Language law that will ensure that Deaf people have access to Sign Language interpreters in health care facilities, schools, policestations, the courts, the registrar’s office and all public offices to allow Deaf people equal access to these services with the same ease as hearing persons.

Access to services and opportunities through the use of Sign Language will render the Deaf and Hard of hearing equal to all. This is particularly important as the country strives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Zimbabwe has progressive constitutional provisions that if implemented people who are Deaf and hard of hearing will live more fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Other topics covered in this bulletin are:

  • Demonstrations and Persons with Disabilities. By Rosemary Mundhluli.
  • Disability Expo 2016. By Precious Nkomo.
  • DZT at 2016 Harare Agricultural Show. By Precious Nkomo.

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