The Deaf Bulletin 2018 Issue 5

The Deaf Bulletin 2014 Issue 3

The Deaf Bulletin 2014 Issue 3


Deaf Zimbabwe Trust was invited to attend the launch of sign language training workshop for nurses at Chitungwiza Central Hospitals by the Dr Timothy Stamps Trust for People with Chronic illness. The Sign Language training will be conducted by Messrs Nhau and Lincoln ‘Half’ Matongo. The launch was graced by the Advisor to the President on Disability, Brigadier Felix Muchemwa, Mr Farai Mukuta, Executive Director of NASCOH, Mrs Maria Muwani (ZIMNAD). Mr L.T. Nkomo and Ms Precious Janga represented DZT at the event. Miss Kudakwashe Mapeture presented on the challenges faced by the Deaf in Zimbabwe’s health care system.

DZT’s key message was that access to basic health care is a constitutional right and not a privilege. Further that the failure by health professionals to communicate with the Deaf creates a barrier to accessing basic health care and is therefore, a serious violation of the basic right to access to basic health care as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It is therefore imperative for all health professionals to learn sign language. Otherwise how will they diagnose deaf patients? How will they extract the history of a deaf patient? How will they effectively prescribe medicines to deaf patients?

DZT also noted that many ill Deaf patients were either being misdiagnosed and/or being given wrong prescriptions due to failure by Health Professionals to communicate with the Deaf. DZT emphasised that sign language was now an official language in Zimbabwe which must be learnt by all citizens if we are to build an allinclusive society in Zimbabwe. In any case, all State Agents including hospitals have a constitutional responsibility of promoting the use of sign language in their institutions. DZT hope that this very important initiative will be spread throughout the country for the benefit of the Deaf Community whose members have been failing to access basic health care due to communication barriers. It is important for all Zimbabweans to rally towards breaking barriers for an all inclusive country.

Other topics covered in this bulletin are:

  • The sad story Fatima Special.
  • DZT holds Focus Group Meeting!
  • Masvingo rule at Paralympics games.
  • DZT school premises spruced up for 2014 May opening.