Disability Observer 2020 issue 8

“Unlocking” the rights contained in section 83 of the Constitution By Isaacs MwaleWhen the Constitution of Zimbabwe came into force in 2013, it introduced a wide range of rights for persons with disabilities and for the first time in the history of the country citizens with disabilities were officially recognized and their social, economic, language […]

2020 issue 8

Resourcing the Disability Board: Should DPOs assist? Part 1 By Isaacs Mwale In January 2018 the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Honorable Petronella Kagonye appointed a 17-member National Disability Board to develop policies that improve the lives of people with disabilities. The board members were selected from organisations that represent persons with […]

The Deaf Bulletin 2020 Issue 5

The deaf Bulletin 2020 Issue 5 Re-thinking inclusivity in emergency education by Edith Nyabvure The impact of COVID-19 is worse for people in lower socio-economic groups. Children with disabilities have been left behind in alternative education interventions.So far, mainstream responses for continued learning during the COVID-19 crisis have focused on online learning and the use […]

The Deaf Bulletin 2020 Issue 3

The Deaf Bulletin 2020 Issue 3 High Court orders Govt to provide Sign Language and Braille information on COVID-19 By Tinotenda Chikunya In a ruling hailed by the disability community, Justice Mafusire has ordered Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services to ensure access to information for persons with […]

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