Author: Tatenda Robson Gova

National Disability Policy

I feel honoured to release this National Disability Policy, a first for Zimbabwe. Persons with disabilities represent one of the most marginalised minority groups in the world; hence, their needs and concerns are commonly ignored, suppressed and “buried under the carpet.” This policy seeks to address the marginalisation and discrimination of persons with disabilities in […]

The Disability Observer 2021 Issue 3

Public transportation inaccessible for people with Disabilities By Isaacs Mwale The struggle to access public transportation in recent times has become a troublesome reality for thousands of commuters in the two largest cities, Harare and Bulawayo. The recent ban of Commuter Omnibuses or “Kombis” has left a huge void in public transportation that is now […]

The Deaf Bulletin 2021 Issue 3

Promoting inclusion through individualised education plans By Mirirai Nyabvure Learners are different and the pace at which they grasp concepts is different. Learners with disabilities have individual needs that are unique. Individual planning for these learners is necessary in order to address their unique individual needs and to provide an opportunity for each student to […]

The Deaf Bulletin 2021 Issue 1

The impacts of Cyclones on PWDs By Irene Mhlanga The realities of climate change have been witnessed around the globe with the frequency of heat waves, cyclones/floods, droughts and hurricanes. Zimbabwe has experienced two tropical cyclones (Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Eloise) in a space of two years and persons with disabilities were among those affected. […]

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