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Zimbabwe Model Sign Language Bill

The purpose of this Act is to promote and maintain the use of Zimbabwe Sign Language by: (a)providing for the...

Position paper on the situation of Deaf children in Zimbabwe schools

The term Deaf in this paper refers to all people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Deaf education has been problematic...

The Situation of Children who are Deaf in Harare April 2015

“Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can do except hear so they deserve the same opportunities”, Marlee...

Becoming Citizens-A Baseline Report 2015

The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust in its rights programme sought to access the level of access to information for the Deaf...

Educational Experiences of Deaf Adults in Harare 2014

Deaf education has been problematic in many countries and Zimbabwe has not been exempt from these seemingly global...

Access to television by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Zimbabwe March 2014

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) and Zimbabwe Deaf Media Trust (ZDMT) had a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the...

About DZT

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust was formed and registered as a trust in 2012 and began operations in 2013. Initially the organisation was formed to advance the rights of Deaf children.


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