Issue Number 5 - 2017 Deaf Bulletin

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Being Deaf is about hearing with your Eyes

By Lucia Masauso

I remember when I lost my hearing. I was ten years old that time and in grade 5. It was not easy not to hear anything. I missed the music. I couldn’t stand people staring at me. I thought they could see that I was Deaf. I was so self-conscious. I hated being around people. It was also hard for my parents especially my dad. My dad refused to let me go to a Deaf school. It was not easy attending school without Sign language. My teacher ignored me. I could not hear well even with aid of my hearing aids. I had a tough time at school but I was determined to compete with the best. In grade 6 I was transferred to a better school and began to learn Sign language.  

My parents still hope that I will hear again someday. There was a time when part of me wanted to hear while the other part wanted to remain Deaf. But now I have accepted that I am Deaf. I enjoy the peace in my silent world. The only time I regret being deaf is when someone shouts at me and when my children are crying at night and I can’t hear them.  

Many people know very little about the Deaf. I remember in town a woman come and started talking to me.  The woman went on to talk louder attracting attention when she saw that I wasn’t responding. I remained silent and watched her talk. I was not being rude. There was no better way I could tell her I am Deaf. Then there was a funny moment when I met three women who asked me for directions. When I told them I was Deaf. They looked at me in disbelief. When I started talking one of the women started running. She stopped a few meters away, looked at me before running away again. I guess in their belief Deaf people do not speak. She probably thought I was a ghost or something.  

I look forward to a time when people will embrace the Deaf community. I also hope parents with Deaf children accept their children and look beyond their disability. We the Deaf people need everyone’s support not only our parents or teachers.   

Other topics in this bulletin:

  •  Being deaf

  • The life of a child of deaf adults (coda) have we cared to support?

  •  Discipline

  •  Local community leadership embracing the deaf community

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