Issue Number 7 2016 Deaf Bulletin

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24 year old Kuda Mapeture is just like any young woman her age. Kuda is fashion conscious and very confident. Just by looking at her, one would never guess that she cannot hear. She is a perfect example of an individual rising above disability and making a name for herself. Kuda's latest achievement was being crowned the first princess and Miss Photogenic in this year‟s edition of the Miss Deaf Africa Pageant held in Cape Town South Africa. This comes after she won the Miss Deaf Zimbabwe title in 2014 and represented Zimbabwe at the Miss Deaf World pageant that same year. For her, this victory is a step in the right direction in her modeling career. As a young advocate in the Deaf community, Kuda is a role model for Deaf girls. She refuses to allow her disability to limit here in any way. She has dreams and aspirations of a successful life and is working towards that. Kuda is a Programme Officer for Sign Language at Deaf Zimbabwe Trust and is responsible for designing Sign Language programmes for Deaf children. She is passionate about the empowerment of Deaf people and envisions a world where Deaf people are treated with respect. Kuda is proudly Deaf and is always eager to teach a new acquaintance a word or two in Sign Language.

Other topics covered in this publication include:

  • Have something positive to say about people you never know who is listening - by Precious Nkomo.
  • Young people with disabilities and poverty eradication celebrating International Youth Day -By Barbra Nyangairi.
  • A blind eye and a Deaf ear to Disability: Where is the Inclusion? By Rosemary Mundhluli. 


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Deaf Zimbabwe Trust was formed and registered as a trust in 2012 and began operations in 2013. Initially the organisation was formed to advance the rights of Deaf children.


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