Psychosocial Support Workshop Report 2 March 2014

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Deaf Zimbabwe Trust conducted its second Psychosocial Support workshop and Sign Language session on the 8th of March 2014 at Queen Elizabeth Girls’ High School. The workshop was well attended by 77 participants including the Deaf, parents, teachers, friends and relatives of children who are deaf and hard of hearing and 20 children. Prior to the appointment of Senators representing disability in 2013, people living with disability did not have representation in the house of assembly. Recognizing that people living with disability needed representation in the House of Assembly, Honorable Nyamayaro Mashavakure and Honorable Anna Shiri were appointed as Senators to represent people with disabilities in Zimbabwe. DZT invited Senator Mashavakure to present to participants the opportunities and challenges he sees for people living with disability in general and the deaf in particular.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop sought to discuss the following issues with Senator Mashavakure

  • What are the roles senators in the senate and how do they feed into the lower house of assembly.
  • What are their plans in as far as the legislative agenda for people living with disabilities in Zimbabwe.
  • How are they working with organizations promoting the rights of people living with disabilities.
  • How can DZT assist in policy reform or formulation of policies that ensure the achievement of equal opportunities for PWDs.
  • Where are the gaps in the disability sector and what do they think needs to be done as a matter of urgency.
  • What can be done by DZT and other like-minded organisations to help senators to be more effective in the implementation of their mandate.

About DZT

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust was formed and registered as a trust in 2012 and began operations in 2013. Initially the organisation was formed to advance the rights of Deaf children.


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