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Addressing Election Disputes and Election Offenses in Zimbabwe

Addressing Election Disputes and Election Offenses in Zimbabwe Challenges around an election should not necessarily be perceived as weakness in the system, but as evidence of the strength and openness of the political system.1 The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) requires that any person whose right to vote and be elected has […]

Towards Disability Inclusion in textbooks

Towards Disability Inclusion in textbooks. Representation of people with disabilities in different spheres of life has often been inadequate as different organisations and individuals continue to call for equal representations on all platforms. School textbooks are no exception as they not only mirror societies but also shape cultural perspectives and practices. The visibility of people […]

Sexual Reproductive Health training for the youth

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust held a training session in Caledonia which sought to train the youth on being peer counselors on Sexual Reproductive Health issues. The training session held at Mushawedu Community Hall was in conjunction with Mashambanzou Care Trust and Disability HIV and AIDS Trust. The initiative was meant to train youth with disabilities and […]

Disability friendly facilities at health institutions

Goromonzi health service providers have said the unavailability of disability friendly facilities at health centers is a deterrent to quality health services for people with disabilities. Speaking during a discussion fora organized by Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT), Mashambanzou Care Trust and Disability and HIV and AIDS Trust (DHAT) at Caledonia Clinic, health service providers said […]

The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 4

The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 4 “Subject to the availability of resources” The curse of disability in Zimbabwe – By Barbra Nyangairi The phrase subject to the availability of resources has been consistently used as an excuse to avoid the provision of services for persons with disabilities. The use of the phrase shows a lack […]

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