Year: 2019

The Deaf Bulletin 2019 Issue 9

Failed by the system but striving against all odds By Mirirai Nyabvure Contrary to perception, learners with disabilities know how important education is for them and that it is a vehicle for meaningful empowerment. Low academic achievements resulting from structural barriers within the education system have contributed to continuing disadvantage and exclusion into their adult […]

Electoral Boundary Delimitation in Zimbabwe

Electoral Boundary Delimitation in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe elects 210 members of the National Assembly in First Past-the-Post (FPTP) contests held in single-member constituencies. Seats on the local authorities are filled in FPTP ward elections. Per the Constitution, the boundaries of these two sets of electoral districts must be periodically delimited to ensure that constituencies, as well […]

Political Party and Campaign Finance in Zimbabwe

Political Party and Campaign Finance in Zimbabwe by IFES. The main purpose of regulating political party and campaign finance is to ensure transparency in how political parties and election campaigns raise and spend money, stop corrupt practices, limit the impact of money on the electoral process,3 and counteract abuse of public resources. Situation in Zimbabwe […]

The Disability Observer 2019 Issue 3

The Disability Observer 2019 Issue 3 Disability in Zimbabwe in figures By Isaacs Mwale Disability affects many people in Zimbabwe than is actually documented. In a 2017 article entitled “Challenges faced by women with disabilities in accessing sexual and reproductive health in Zimbabwe. The case of Chitungwiza Town” the author exposes how persons with disabilities […]

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